Help baby (and yourself!) to relax with reflexology

I am often asked if I can treat little feet… Mums who have been with me in pregnancy yoga are keen to carry on this nurtured feeling after the birth, for themselves as well as their little ones.

So, I have created a four week course for Mummies/ Daddies/ Nannies/ Grandparents to learn how to soothe and comfort their own babies and children through the power of touch, with the magic of reflexology thrown in…

“(Ralphie) sleeps better and longer. I am doing the reflexology 3 or 4 times a week. The course was really interesting and enjoyable” S.S., 2015.

Reflexology for BabiesOver the weeks you will learn gentle reflexology routines for babies, suitable from 4 weeks onwards.

Feel empowered with reflexes for digestion, reflux and colic; relaxation, comfort and sleep; teething, earache and irritability; allergies, colds and coughs.

In addition you will receive charts for a basic routine (I have been using this routine on my girl from 8 weeks), to carry you into older years (think exam stress!)  and hand reflexes to support a toddler who just wants to be up on their feet..

When doing your reflexology the main point is consistency.

Daily sessions are best for babies so that you have time together, and they happily accept a treatment as they know it makes them feel good. As they get older (and if you have more children) you may find a weekly sessions suits you both best.

Perhaps make this part of your babies bedtime or nap routine.

Keep your fingers working on their feet as long as they are happy, until you have finished the routine. Sure they pull their feet away, it’s natural as they learn to take control of their movements, but we don’t restrict this, we move with them if possible.

baby reflexBring sound into your reflexology routine.

Gentle humming will do… on a sleepy time session I sing the same song or just hum, so they recognise it as bedtime. On a daytime session I will put in nursery rhymes and change the pace of the session to make baby giggle or keep them entertained. Eye contact is good!

I teach this course maybe four times a year, for a maximum of six participants and their babies.

You receive colour coded charts, handouts, a free binder included on the course, plus 12 months support.

If you’re interested in this course please contact me on 07876 254306

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