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Reflexology An effective foot treatment applying gentle yet firm pressure to reflexes using fingers and thumbs

Hot Stone Reflexology Reflexology incorporating Hot Stones

Reflexology Lymph Drainage A specialised technique following reflexes from manual lymph drainage techniques. Supports the lymphatic system and reduces swelling

Hand Reflexology A nourishing reflexology on the hands to support clients who do not like having their feet touched.

Crystal Reflexology Reflexology incorporating crystals

Facial Reflexology Specialised technique using reflexology on the face

Corporate Reflexology Days Add in a special treat for yourself and your employees, with a choice of reflexology techniques to pick from

Fertility Reflexology Additional support for the fertility journey whether challenged or not, using special balancing links and holding techniques

Maternity Reflexology Additional support during pregnancy to improve wellbeing and aid relaxation

Overdue Reflexology At due date, reflexology can support relaxation to enable you to enjoy the last few days or weeks of pregnancy

Post-natal Reflexology Following the birth, techniques to support the journey into motherhood and fatherhood, supporting bonding and maybe some reflexes for baby too

Reflexology for Cancer From diagnosis onwards, integrative therapy tailored to your needs.

Reflexology in Palliative Care Gentle relief for clients with symptoms of serious illness

Baby Reflexology Tiny toes benefit greatly from the gentle touch of reflexology

Baby Reflexology Parent Class Complete short course to enable you to nurture your own baby through reflexology techniques

Aromareflex Using specially selected essential oils to address your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs, and applying them to the feet in a carrier wax to enhance your reflexology treatment