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Dynamic Yoga Movement through breath and body awareness to invite softness and strength to the body and mind

Dynamic Yoga 1-1 Personal yoga instruction to encourage confidence and offer a more bespoke practise

Dynamic Yoga Workshops Great for a group session in your own venue, for a party or corporate day

Pregnancy Yoga Adapted postures, breath, movement, body and baby awareness with deep nidra relaxation to conclude

Pregnancy Yoga 1-1 Personal yoga for pregnancy to support, relax and empower

Labour and Birth Partner(s) Workshop to connect with and support the birthing parent and work together to birth your baby

Yoga Nidra therapy Deeper levels of relaxation with an invitation to let go completely and allow complete rest of the body mind

Meditation Focusing on the natural breath without conscious adaptation, but noticing those changes progressively and without expectation or judgement

Relaxation therapy 1-1 bespoke online relaxation sessions to support better sleep and a sense of wellbeing

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Transformational facilitated awareness of your ability to process and release emotions and their associated responses

Reiki therapy Receive peace, release tension, regain emotional strength through the channelling of universal energy.

Reiki level 1 & level 2 Intuitive instruction to the levels of Reiki up to Master level

Reiki share Intimate reiki shares to realign with your attunements and receive as you practise giving of yourself to channel reiki to others

Crystal therapy Using your own intuition to choose crystals and explore meanings.

Ear Candling therapy with special candles to soothe and promote wellbeing