Dynamic Yoga Workshops

Dynamic yoga workshops offer a more in depth look at the softening effects of yoga posture practise, with a longer than average class time, a deeper relaxation and time for sitting at the end for pranayama in stillness. Herbal tea follows…

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Workshops are suitable for anyone. With a maximum of five participants, I offer a quiet and gentle retreat away from the daily anxiety, stresses and strains, into a deeper understanding of your body and it’s ability to quieten as you release the breath and allow the mind to let go.

Dynamic yoga workshops are similar in instruction to the bi-weekly dynamic yoga classes taught at Maxwell Park Community Centre, but with more time to feel, soften and quieten. You are invited to let go of all thoughts of what you think you know happens in a yoga class, what you think you can do, and how you think you’re going to feel, and experience what actually happens for you on your mat.

BalasanSatangasan Sukhapadasvanasan

Dynamic yoga workshops are an opportunity for you to really get to know your body, become intimate with sensation and breath, and deeply and fully relax. You do not need prior experience of yoga to enjoy these workshops.


Next workshop – “Nourishing” Friday 15th April 9.30-11.30am, at my home garden lodge.

Follow these few steps to deep nourishment:

  1. Contact me to make sure there’s an available space
  2. Pay for your workshop below to secure your booking
  3. Download, fill in and return the registration form below
  4. Look forward to feeling nourished

Dynamic Yoga Workshop £12.50 

Dynamic Yoga Registration Form

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