Overwhelm? 5 steps towards re-balance.

Reduce overwhelm with meditationAre you overwhelmed? Are you interested in a FREE ten minute meditation you can listen to, to help you re-connect and gain perpective? Read on… Sometimes we all have ‘off’ days. Sometimes it lasts longer than that. Something just doesn’t feel quite right and we reach a state of overwhelm… our mind doesn’t want to stop thinking, and ironically it stops our thoughts from being clear. Energy levels drop and lethargy and procrastination win us over.

But we must keep going! It’s not as simple as retreating into our shell until we recover… There is work to do, maybe little people to look after, maybe older people to look after. But who looks after us?

Spend time in nature and fresh air

Spend time in nature and fresh air

You will have heard the phrase ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup’, or similar. When your cup is empty, you are already depleted. You find you can’t do everything you expect to do. Perhaps you start feeling resentful and annoyed with others. And then feeling bad that you have these moods. And then trying to do more to make up for it…

Feeling guilty about this does nothing for you. Unfortunately, you come to realise that nobody can save you but yourself*. Carrying on ignoring your needs only leads to more anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

Use affirmations and crystals to support you

If you recognise yourself in overwhelm here, don’t panic, it’s never too late to do something. You can take back control, one simple step at a time.

  1. Breathe. Focusing on your breath links you to yourself, validating your existence. For a FREE meditation contact me below. Take time out, re-connect with yourself. 10 minutes a day.
  2. Feed yourself. Something healthy each day. Be it an apple, or a banana, salad or a fresh vegetable juice. One thing minimum. (more if you can…)
  3. Drench yourself. Water! One large glass when you wake up. And one small glass after every visit to the loo.

    Titanium Aura Crystal

  4. Protect yourself. Yes we all give away our energy in daily life. But some people suck it away for you, with gossip and negativity. Change the subject. Consider crystals to help you if you find this difficult.
  5. Rest. Put yourself to bed, in bed, early AT LEAST once a week, like you would an overtired child. If that means you wake early, use the quiet time to rekindle a hobby. Avoid TV on this day.

Of course it’s easy for me to write this, now it’s up to you to add these into your ‘recovery’ toolbox. Want reminders? Ask for my newsletter via the contact form for more empowering ideas, and get my ten minute ‘re-connect’ daily meditation FREE for a limited time…

You can contact me about other ways I can personally work with you to help to reduce stress levels and overwhelm, increasing your ability to maintain equilibrium in your life, or visit my website www.happysoles.net

* Stronger feelings of being unable to cope may be a sign of depression. See your GP if you think this may be you. 

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  • deborah phethean
    05/07/2016 (18:53)

    I would love to feel less overwhelmed!

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