Concessions can be applied to treatments or yoga classes. Sometimes we all need a little help. Perhaps you are going through a hard time financially, or you are in receipt of benefits or a pension. If you genuinely cannot afford full price treatments or classes, please get in touch.

You will be treated like a full paying client, and all details are confidential, so nobody will know. If you usually come to yoga classes but find you are going through hard times, you may apply for the concessionary rate too, if it has not already been take that week. If you’ve paid for full price treatments before but have important financial commitments at the moment, yet still need a treatment, we can use the concessions rate. If it hasn’t already been taken that week, you can take it.

Concessionary ratesIt is not necessary to provide proof of your circumstances, but you must pay the whole amount in advance of the class/ treatment and know that you must give 48 full hours notice if unable to attend. I am happy to give a full refund in these circumstances. Less than 48 hours notice will receive 50% refund only. No notice will receive no refund.

I have set these refund limits so that others may benefit from a concessionary rate if you are unable to take yours, as only one treatment concession may be taken per week, and two per week for yoga classes (including pregnancy yoga). These limits also reflect my time and energy in giving back to the community.

Concessions do not include additional benefits such as crystals, hot stones or aromatherapy.

Should you feel able to pay in full but would prefer to pay in instalments, please contact me for a payment plan. Monthly reflexology sessions, for example, can be paid at £10.00/ week.

For a group yoga class concession please pay here:

Group yoga class concession £5.00

For a reflexology, reiki or massage concession please pay here:

Reflexology/ reiki concession £25.00 

For Indian head massage concession please pay here:

Indian head massage £20

For EFT concession please pay here:

EFT concession £40