Pregnancy yoga classes

Modified trikonasanaGreat birthing positions

Group classes are on Thursdays 6-7pm at Maxwell Park Community Centre from 28th February 2019

Yoga during pregnancy is a gentle form of exercise, helps ensure optimum foetal positioning to ease back aches and facilitate an easier birth, and teaches you ways to help you relax, reduce anxiety, make space and keep you fit and flexible during your pregnancy. We prepare for labour and birth using postures, adapted sequences and breathing techniques.

Even if you know you are planning a caesarean birth, these classes are beneficial through easing discomforts, baby bonding, keeping fit and making friends, which are natural side-effects of these nurturing classes. 

IMG_5765RelaxationIMG_7062 techniques are important in pregnancy yoga classes, and a lot of focus is on the breath. You do not need to have any former experience of yoga to join these classes.

All mats, cushions and blankets are provided but please feel free to bring anything of your own, if you prefer. Please wear comfy, layered clothing and bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated.

Drop in is available if you have less than five weeks to your due date. Please see below. Each BLOCK booking includes a free mp3 meditation for pregnancy.

Follow these few steps to enjoy your pregnancy more fully:

  1. Pay for your chosen course or classes.
  2. Fill in and return this  Pregnancy Yoga Registration Form
  3. Here’s a copy of our Privacy Policy for your information

Pregnancy Yoga 28th February 2019 – 28th March 2019 inclusive (5 weeks) £50.00


Pregnancy Yoga Package

(Five yoga classes, PLUS a Maternity reflexology session, taken within 4 weeks of booking) £85.00

If you are less than 5 weeks to your due date you may pay a drop in rate 

One pregnancy yoga class £15.00

Two pregnancy yoga classes £28.00

Three pregnancy yoga classes £39.00

Four pregnancy yoga classes £45.00

Private pregnancy yoga classes are always available, please contact me for more details call Caroline on 07876 254306 for more information

Please consider our private classes and couples workshops designed to take place in your own home.





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