Dynamic Yoga Classes

Dynamic Yoga Increase flexibility and strength, while reducing tension and stress within the bodymind. Yoga is a very personal journey and does not involve competition with others or with yourself. Enquire of yourself what you are feeling, what you are doing, in that moment. The yoga I teach is suitable for all ages and abilities. If you have not done yoga before, or have not been to any dynamic yoga classes you will need to complete a six week dynamic yoga beginners course at least once before having access to this class.

Yoga is beneficial to everyone, and especially to those who tend to err on the competitive side of life, and who need to relax and get out of the race for a while. Regular yoga sessions can enable those with busy or stressful lifestyles to calm down and experience a feeling of peace, which then carries on into daily life. Please wear loose comfortable clothes which are not restrictive in any way. We will practise yoga in bare feet.

10940528_813809541988953_11317736257577917_nDynamic yoga classes involve breathing, movement, postures and instruction to awaken the deep sensitivity of the body. When we become aware of the sensations within the body as we move, we become more intimate with ourselves; more aware of what feels right and what definitely doesn’t, both on and off the mat. Each class ends with yoga nidra in savasana.

Private Dynamic yoga classes are also available.

Intimate Dynamic yoga workshops are also available.

Download your registration form and email the complete form back to info@happysoles.net or bring it to your first class Happy Soles Dynamic Yoga Registration Form

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