Pregnant! Now what…?

Pregnancy. A time for many changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes even spiritually, as you become awestruck about the absolute miracle of life, growing within you. Sometimes good feelings, sometimes not so good. How can I help to support you?

Aurelia's Birth Day

The euphoric one… (number three!)

As a mother to three children, with three very different births under my belt, I have experienced many different scenarios during pregnancy and labour. From denial to fear, from diabetes to shoulder dystocia, and from shock to euphoria and total empowerment, I believe I have enough experience to listen without judgement, and offer solutions (should you need them) to any pregnancy issue you may have. And if I don’t know, I definitely know someone who does!

Pregnancy yoga… I teach private one to one classes where you can come and relax, melt away tensions, release aches and pains and focus on letting go.

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Easy pelvic floor exercises

  1. Explore different breathing techniques which calm anxieties and nourish you and your growing baby.
  2. Make space for your changing body, exercise safely and meet other women going through the same issues.
  3. Meditate to bring a deep connection with your changing body and growing baby.
  4. Deep relaxation in the form of Yoga Nidra will refresh you and empower you.
  5. Specific issues can be targeted with yoga exercises, such as sciatica, PGP and fatigue.
  6. Pelvic floor exercises and thigh strengtheners for an active birth are also part of pregnancy yoga.
  7. Partners can learn how to support you in labour and birth, with active participation when needed, and feel less helpless. (partner classes every 3 months approx)

NEW at Happy Soles Spinning Babies techniques to help turn your baby if they are not in the best practicable place for pregnancy, labour and birth.

  1. Weekly (recommended), affordable, private sessions of hands-on aided postures designed to create space for baby to turn into it’s optimum foetal position.
  2. Release specific tight ligaments as the womb expands, to promote symmetry and healthy posture.
  3. Learn simple daily stretches that can improve your well-being in pregnancy.
  4. Allow baby to engage in the correct manner, chin to chest, so that contractions are most effective as the head remains in good contact with the cervix.
  5. Techniques promote regular contractions and shorter, less painful labour.
  6. Less risk of intervention and trauma for Mum and baby.

Emotional Freedom Techniques – also known as tapping. Individual sessions are tailored around what’s coming up for you right now.

  1. Remove anxiety about the impending birth of your baby/ babies.
  2. Allow freedom from attachment/ fear from a previous birth experience.
  3. Increase ability to sleep and rest.
  4. Release anger towards someone/ some situation so that you can enjoy a more peaceful pregnancy.
  5. Empower you to believe in your bodies ability to give birth and become a mother.
  6. Let go of a past negative situation which has been bothering you.

Reflexology – pressing different areas of the feet to bring about a deep relaxation and rest for yourself and your baby…

maternity reflex

Reflexology pre-labour

  1. Take time to nurture yourself.
  2. Ladies who have reflexology in pregnancy typically have shorter labours and experience less pain Find out more here.
  3. Learn some pressure points which can help reduce pain in labour.
  4. Indulge yourself with aromareflex to reduce fatigue and bring calm.
  5. Potentially reduce aches and pains, nausea, constipation and other pregnancy related issues.
  6. Invite the body to deeply relax on or after your due date to reduce stress and with accupressure points to potentially encourage the labour to begin*

(*this cannot be guaranteed, as both baby and you must be ready to give birth.)

The signal to birth usually comes from a hormone released by baby, signalling their lungs are now mature enough to breathe outside the womb. However the reflexology can benefit you incredibly by deep relaxation removing impatience, and bringing acceptance that baby will come when they are ready… and they usually do! Birth dates can vary from due date by up to three weeks either side.)

Reiki – a deeply relaxing healing energy, where hands are placed on or just off the body to allow gentle healing energy to be channelled.

  1. Take time out of your busy week to completely relax and enjoy healing energy.
  2. Reduce aches and pains.
  3. Prepare yourself mentally for the birth journey.
  4. Bring balance and awareness to the body during pregnancy.
  5. Totally non invasive treatment. Can be completely hands off if necessary.

Indian head massage – massage to the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, head and face.

  1. Reduce tension in the upper body.
  2. Release tight muscles.
  3. If using oils, nourishing the hair and scalp.
  4. Relax the face and increase circulation to the skin
  5. Bring about a feeling of well-being

Rebozo – traditional mexican scarves used to wrap, hold and move the body.

rebozo wall shimmy partner yoga

Release lower back ache gently

  1. Nurture you and your baby bump
  2. Support you in pregnancy and early labour.
  3. Release tension and free the pelvis and lower back.
  4. Reduce aches and pains
  5. Empower your partner to support you in labour and birth.


Coming soon… Moxibustion…. as and when I can persuade the tutor… 🙂

Call me on 07876 254306 to find out how I can help you, or see my website for more information.


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