Private partner pregnancy yoga class with labour and birth preparation

Active birth posturePrivate partner pregnancy yoga class with labour and birth preparation includes time exploring yoga postures to connect with the breath and our birthing partners, to feel (as pregnant women) fully supported, and (as partners) empowered with knowledge of techniques to offer/ receive that support, as needed.

Movements to support optimum foetal positioning are practised, and there are tips to encourage labour to begin if baby is ready. If labour has started, or waters have broken, and nothing appears to be happening afterwards, it could take some simple positioning exercises to get things going again.

It can be a very active class, or we can make it more relaxing and slow. It has proven to be very popular with couples and birth partners, who feel more prepared and confident to be a part of the birthing process.

From being a ‘human birthing ball’ and other ways to physically aid in the labour room, to collecting pillows and blankets and ensuring our birthing mother has every comfort, we also explore different massage/ visualisation techniques. We try out sound/ vibration therapy and use rebozo techniques. Partners are encouraged to have as much eye contact as possible. This can sometimes produce hilarious results and laughter may erupt at any time! I encourage laughter as this releases tension, and relaxes the pelvic floor. This can also allow contractions to be more effective.

These techniques can be used at home during pregnancy together. This supports the mother-to-be and enables her to safely stretch, combining the physically supportive with the emotionally supportive as her pregnancy nears completion. Other mum/dad-to-be/ birth partner can understand the important role s/he has in the labour and birth, as the solid ever present birth guardian and protector. Learning different ways to be supportive during labour can make it easier for the pregnant one to relax. This can make the contractions more effective and significantly reduce pain. As the contractions are more effective the labour can continue unhindered, and may be shorter.

Partner pregnancy yoga class with labour and birth preparation is tailored to you, and the consultation will establish what kind of birth you are planning (water birth, active birth, hospital birth etc.). It can be an active, fun class with lots of baby bonding too. Some Mum/dads-to-be/ partners come to two or more prep classes as their partners continue pregnancy yoga alone throughout their pregnancy. Couples can book onto this class even if you have done no yoga before.

Private Mum only classes are also available.

Private 90 minute Partner Class with Labour and Birth Preparation workshop £65.00

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