227839_198926636810583_2915928_nThere are so many different types of meditation. Some contain movement; some contain stillness. Some have breathing practices; some have visualisations. Some have eyes open, some closed. The common element is focus.

As the mind stills, with regular meditation practice, it is able to recognise when it is wandering. At this point we can direct it back gently to the focus point and remain present. Daily commitment is advised to get the most out of meditating, but don’t judge yourself if you forget or just didn’t have the time.

Choose a suitable time and place, maybe make a separate area just for this practise. Ensure you will not be disturbed. Be realistic, start with ten minutes and don’t feel pressured to increase it, if that time feels enough for you. If you would like to try longer, give it a go when you feel ready.

Classes are a nice way to learn simple techniques, where you can practise in a safe space with others operating on the same vibrational level. This can be incredibly supportive, and there is time to discuss your experiences afterwards. Please contact me if you are interested in the class experience.

I have prepared some simple guided meditations, and one reiki drum unguided meditation, in mp3 format for sale. Once purchased, they will be delivered by email as soon as I receive notification. 100 % of all meditation sales will go to Rosie’s charity.

10 minute meditation £3.00

13 minute golden thread breath meditation for pregnancy £3.50

15 minute meditation £3.50

16 minute heart womb meditation for pregnancy £3.50

17 minute reiki drum £4.00

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