227839_198926636810583_2915928_nThere are so many different types of meditation. Some contain movement; some contain stillness. Some have breathing practices; some have visualisations. Some have eyes open, some closed. The common element is focus.

Key benefits of regular meditation include: stress reduction, sleep improvement, sense of wellbeing, less emotional ups and downs, increased resilience, better concentration, clearer thought patterns.

As the mind stills, with regular meditation practice, it is able to recognise when it is wandering, catastrophising and creating drama. At this point we can direct it back gently to the focus point and remain present. Daily commitment is advised to get the most out of meditating, but don’t judge yourself if you forget or just didn’t have the time.

Choose a suitable time and place, maybe make a separate area just for this meditation practise. Ensure you will not be disturbed. Be realistic, start with ten minutes and don’t feel pressured to increase it, if that time feels enough for you.

If you would like to try longer, give it a go when you feel ready.

Classes are a nice way to learn the meditation techniques, where you can practise in a safe space with others operating on the same vibrational level. This can be incredibly supportive, and there is time to discuss your experiences afterwards.

I teach meditation on the natural breath. Each class is 30 minutes. If you are interested in classes, please contact me to join a waiting list. Classes are run online in 8 week blocks, with an 8 participant limit. There are no refunds for missed classes. Your investment is your own commitment to yourself.

Mondays 9.00pm

Fridays 2.30pm

Monday Meditation 8 Classes Online £40.00

Friday Meditation 8 Classes Online £40.00

If you would prefer private tuition, meditation classes are available on a 1-1 basis from my garden lodge. It is still an 8 week course, classes are 45 minutes each, to give time to check in/ feedback, introduce each session, lead in, and out of meditation techniques, and for discussion before leaving.

Meditation 8 week course 1-1 £240.00

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