Private pregnancy yoga classes

Caroline pregnancy yogaDVD’s can be helpful for routines, but cannot give you that one-to-one attention and discuss your individual needs. Private pregnancy yoga classes can give you that confidence in yourself and your body. They are tailored to suit you completely.

Become empowered in your pregnancy at times that suit you better, in your own home or at the lodge. Time is yours to make of it what you want, for example labour or birth related questions can be answered as they occur, practises can be adjusted for your personal needs.

Private partner yoga classes are also available which include ways to support you during the labour and birth. You and your birthing partner would both attend this session. We use posture, breathing, massage techniques and more…

Follow these few steps to receive private yoga tuition:

  1. Pay for your chosen class(es)
  2. Contact me to arrange your ideal time
  3. Fill in and return the registration form
  4. Look forward to your classes

Private 60 minute Pregnancy Yoga Class £40.00

6 Private (weekly) 60 minute Pregnancy Yoga Class £210.00

Private 90 minute Partner Yoga Labour and Birth Class £55.00

Download your registration form here: Pregnancy yoga registration form

Download and sign the privacy policy Privacy Notice for Clients

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