AromaReflex – Reflexology with Essential Oils

AromaReflexImagine the deep relaxation you feel with a nurturing reflexology treatment… now add the delicious scents of AromaReflex essential oils. Inhale their therapeutic aroma as you receive your extra long reflexology session. Your skin absorbs the blended oils to enhance your well-being.

“Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul” -Robert Tisserand.

AromaReflex uses the power of plants in the essential oils in the following areas: Immune System Boost; Reproductive Support (women and men focused); Pregnancy; Labour focus; Menopause; Detox; Grief; Depression; Aches and Pains; Relaxing; Reviving;  and Hormone balancing. A total of eighteen pure essential oils are available for us to choose from, in order to tailor your treatment.

The areas can also be combined, for example: pregnancy aches and pains; relaxing hormone balance. You will have the chance to approve the chosen oils before they are mixed for the treatment.

A few drops of the chosen essential oils will be mixed into the treatment wax and applied directly to your feet. We recommend you allow 8 hours before washing the feet, to allow your skin to absorb the essential oils more fully.

You will need to wear socks and comfortable shoes. Sandals, flip flops or sliders are not appropriate and pose a risk of slipping. If you are wearing this type of footwear I will need to wipe the feet clean after the reflexology session which will unfortunately reduce the efficacy of treatment.

Aromareflex trainedYour treatment begins with a foot and lower leg massage using your blended wax. This is followed by reflexology. More of the blend will be added to the feet at different intervals. The session concludes with a further foot massage and wrapped heel hold. This enables your body, mind and soul to receive maximum benefits from this luxurious, therapeutic treatment. We allow extra time for this session

You can choose an additional matching product to enhance your treatment at home. Choose from a room/pillow spray, inhaler stick, rollette or mini foot balm with your chosen blend.

How to book your AromaReflex treatment

Follow these few steps to indulgent bliss:

  1. Pay for your chosen treatment
  2. Contact me to arrange your ideal time
  3. Fill in and return the consultation form
  4. Look forward to your treatment

AromaReflex 75 minutes £55.00

For extra decadence and improved absorption of the essential oils, Hot Stones may also be used during the session. This warming therapy is very complementary to the efficacy of the essential oils.

AromaReflex with Hot Stones 75 minutes £65.00

Choose one free item below to add to your treatment.

Room/ Pillow spray


Inhaler stick

Mini aromatic foot balm