Aromareflex – Scent-sational reflexology!

I wanted to tell you about my latest skill addition… yes I know us therapists update our skills all the time, and with so much to choose from you are a little lost?? Well, this therapy is going to change all that!

Aromareflex trainedAromaReflex… a combination of all the benefits of reflexology with the power of essential oils. Packing an hour and 15 minutes of nurturing therapy full of balancing, harmonising, relaxing, rejuvenating, immune system boosting plant extracts and massage techniques, you re-surface as if from a cocoon of calm. And it’s adaptable for pregnancy too! Leaving the oils on your skin for at least 8 hours maximises the absorption of the oils and their therapeutic benefits.


Creating a blend for you from a choice of twelve essential oils. Treat yourself to a matching candle!

AromaReflex uses a combination of twelve essential oils, specially mixed into your reflexology wax or cream before the session begins. There is of course a full consultation to begin, and we then choose oils which correspond to your needs.

I will prepare a tester stick with your oils on so you can be sure you are happy with the aroma, before i mix.

Now you can lie back and enjoy an extended foot massage and reflexology, with the oils fragrancing the air as you relax. What could be more luxurious…

WAIT! It IS possible to make your treatment even better!!! The addition of Hot Stones into your reflexology session Just Got More Interesting! As the aroma warms from the heat of the stones you can drift into your own tranquil space. Imagine yourself in a place you really want to be (I know, you’re imagining yourself in my treatment room right now, but after that… on holiday perhaps… waves lapping on the beach… sun shining on your skin…). As I work through the session you can relax so fully and completely.

AromaReflex is already a firm favourite of mine. I admit to mixing my oils based on my needs at the time, and shamelessly massaging my own feet almost daily since the training!

After treatment you can enjoy a glass of water or a nice herbal tea to keep yourself hydrated, and rest. As an extra treat to yourself, why not have an AromaReflex scented soya wax candle made up for yourself to match your selection!

Call me on 07876 254306 to discuss your own luxurious and nurturing treatment… it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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