Doula – birth support for you and your family

A birth doula is someone who is employed to support you in your choices during your labour and birth. They can also be employed for a period after the birth (post-natal doula) to help around the house with light duties, look after your newborn while you shower or rest, and make sure you feel supported at this special time. It is especially useful if you have a nervous partner or no partner to attend the birth for whatever reason. Births with a doula present are more likely to be calm and have a relaxed birth, with little or no anxiety, and less interference.

A preliminary chat will establish whether you have a connection with each other, which is important. You can chat about your desires for birth, for example home, birth centre or hospital, and whether you want to have a loose plan on pain relief options. Also your doula can be as involved in the birth as you wish, from hands on support to emotional and mental support.

Once booked, your doula will be available “on call” for a certain period around your estimated due date. The finer details will be arranged with payment, and you can relax and look forward to the birth of your baby.

Local (hertfordshire) doulas include:

Dani Diosi

Wendy Green

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