Daytime yoga classes


Thursday mornings 9.30-10.30am

If you’re looking for daytime yoga classes, our morning class will suit you perfectly. Dynamic yoga is a deeply sensitising practise which brings awareness to the relationship between the body parts as you move gently between postures. All postures are easily adaptable, and the focus is on what you can feel rather than what you can do (or what the mind thinks you can do).

Maximum of four students in this class only.

You can see a short practise demonstration here, though without instruction.

daytime yoga classesThese classes are suitable for any age and any body. Variations are always provided. Anyone who feels they have limitations to yoga posture practise may consider a one-to-one class in order to experience personal attention, should they feel it’s needed. Otherwise, welcome to practise with an open mind so that we can all enjoy a fruitful, nourishing class together. We work towards some postures using vinyasa krama (step-by-step methods) so that everybody’s practise is deeply softening.

Beginners are most welcome, and so are students with a lot of yoga class experience. The instruction is always an invitation for you to feel deeply the sensations of the body without judging or feeling resentment.., but noticing if these feelings are there, and that’s ok, they will pass.

daytime yoga classesRegular yoga posture practise can give you time to pay attention to yourself, a skill that is often long forgotten as we grow older. It is important to return to the self, to nurture and re-fuel ourselves, so that we may long be able to nurture those who depend on us. This may be friends, elderly parents, or children who need our support. We can often be the last ones on our list.

Daytime yoga classesDaytime yoga classes carry a different energy to evening classes, so you may prepare to feel deliciously alive yet relaxed.
We take about 45 minutes posture practise followed by yoga nidra deep relaxation.

If you are already attending our Monday evening dynamic yoga classes then these classes will compliment your practise perfectly. You can switch between Monday evening and Thursday morning/ evening classes if you have block booked.


Follow these steps to totally chill out:

  1. Contact me to check availability
  2. Pay for your yoga classes
  3. Download, fill in and return the registration form
  4. Look forward to being replenished

One class (drop in) £13.00

Six classes (one per week) £70.00

Twelve classes (two per week) £120.00

DIRECT DEBIT options available


2 Replies to "Daytime yoga classes"

  • Mandy
    16/02/2016 (21:34)

    Can I please book a space at the yoga class on Friday 11th March
    Many thanks

    • Caroline Svitana
      16/03/2017 (11:17)

      Hi Mandy are you able to come to yoga this week? best wishes, Caroline

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