Private Yoga Classes

During private yoga classes you can be sure of individual attention. Sometimes it can be difficult to be part of a class setting. Perhaps you feel self-conscious, or have never done yoga before and don’t know what to expect.

Private classes can be just what you need to have a little confidence in yourself, to realise that you are not the same as anyone else, and that you are on your own journey.

unnamed (2)As you continue your private yoga classes you will increase in sensitivity of your own body and the sensations created within, from the subtle movements during physical practice and the breath as an exploration tool. You will be encouraged to self practice and keep a diary. Mentoring your yoga journey can be part of the experience at no extra cost.

unnamed (1)Whatever your reason for choosing a private class, I will aim to put you at ease from the start, beginning with the basic breath-work and postures, moving into other sequences at your own pace, and ensuring you feel confident in each class to have a home practise in-between classes, should you wish to do so. You are very welcome to attend my self-practise sessions at no charge if you are studying with me.

To learn the foundations of yoga through Xandranamaskar you will need to book the six class course, where we explore the seven universal actions of broadening and lengthening. This course forms the basis of any yoga practise and from then can move on to the next sequence of suryanamaskar, to further sensitise the body as you practise with greater integrity and awareness.

Private Dynamic Yoga Tuition 60 minutes £40.00

Private Dynamic Yoga six sessions £220.00.

Includes a free mat and carrying bag with your first six week booking

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