Are you a no-helpian?

I was watching our favourite family movie the other day with the children. Otis the cow, in the film ‘Barnyard’, leaving behind his carefree days to take responsibility and stand up for others. Well, we all have to grow up some time. Yes, these days come to us all. During one of his ‘partays’ he gets pizza delivered. He reaches out of the barn door, with fake human arms, to collect the pizzas, really carrying far more than he can handle, and drops one of the arms!! The horrified pizza boy offers assistance, yet Otis (trying to protect his real identity as a cow) claims he doesn’t need any help. It’s against his ‘religion’. He declares himself a ‘no-helpian’. If you want to know what happens, you’ll have to watch the film, but here’s the point of my post…

Many of us actually fall into this category, not always by not accepting help when it’s offered, but by not asking for help when we feel overwhelmed. We have hectic jobs, lots of responsibility, maybe young children or elderly or infirm relatives or spouses to take care of. We maybe feel friends are too busy with their own lives, or family would judge or give unsolicited advice. Either way, we can often muddle on regardless, trying to look like we cope well all by ourselves. We look forward to the half term… then we look forward to the children being back at school. We can’t wait to finish work and go home, then we wonder how long till bedtime. At bedtime we can’t switch off for thinking about work. Future events don’t bring the relief we thought they would. A perpetual disappointing race. The result of weeks, months and possibly years of this can wreck your career, create havoc in the family home, and upset your daily balance. You have no peace.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Something you can look forward to where you can be present, allow yourself to re-charge, re-balance, relax…

Here, at Happy Soles, I have a variety of things you can choose from depending on your physical state and current needs. If you feel your brain is overloaded try our Dynamic Yoga classes on Monday evenings, getting your week off to a good start. Clear your mind, focus on yourself and take a refreshing deep relaxation at the end with yoga nidra. A mixed class, suitable for beginners too. Private yoga tuition is also available if you cannot make a class, or don’t feel ready for one just yet.

Dynamic yoga class Cobra


If you’re physically exhausted try reflexology. I will use my hands to press different areas of your feet, hands or face (which correspond to parts of your actual body) to deeply relax and re-energise you. There is no undressing, only socks and shoes are removed, and you can recline and rest whilst the effects are experienced. This therapy can be used in conjunction with reiki (healing energy), crystals (with healing properties), and hot stones (so very luxurious) to enhance the experience. Specific needs can also be addressed, such as lymphatic drainage. Each reflexology treatment is tailored to you and how you feel at that time in your life.

EFT Tapping pointsIf you feel overwhelmed and anxious, stuck in the same patterns and frustrated, try EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used in different ways to release you from what is holding you back. I use my fingers to tap on parts of your head, face and upper body during this therapy, on meridian points to release blocks and allow the real you to be revealed. It isn’t invasive, and you can tap on yourself if you are uncomfortable with this. Indeed, if we work on this via Skype, you will be instructed in tapping on yourself. We decide on what issues are bothering you right now and, through tapping, resolve the inner conflict you feel with yourself and empower you to do what you need to move forward. It’s also brilliant as a self help tool in emergency situations of anxiety and panic, but best to deal with deeper issues with a qualified practitioner such as myself.

Positive affirmations, repeated regularly, can help lift your mood and change your mindset.

Positive affirmations, repeated regularly, can help lift your mood and change your mindset.

It is best to have a ‘treatment plan’ where you can commit to at least six weeks of your chosen therapy (or mixture of them). That way you can benefit most from it and hopefully bring about positive changes towards nurturing and looking after yourself. When your desired state of release, relaxation and rejuvenation has been achieved, you may want to take a short break between treatments, or you may decide to carry on weekly, knowing that the support you need at last is here, whenever you need it. You are now a calmer, happier and more centred person who feels more like a human being rather than just a human doing.

You deserve and need to take time out to nurture yourself. The sustenance you need to balance your life is just a phone call away. Call Caroline on 07876 254306 or email to discuss all my therapies and fulfil your individual needs.

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  • Kelly
    29/09/2015 (19:30)

    Just what I needed to hear. Accept help. Embrace self care. Start being a human being not doing xxxx Love, Light & Reiki Drumming hugs xxx

    • yoginigenie
      29/09/2015 (19:41)

      not just ‘accept’, ask for it too… xx

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