Reflexology in Palliative Care

IMG_2930Reflexology in palliative care can be a wonderful, soothing therapy. People with life limiting illnesses can improve their sense of well-being, so that they are not always perhaps having unpleasant procedures and medications being administered; sometimes they can have a relaxing and comforting experience.

In the case of you or your loved one nearing the time of transition, where you may need that extra support, reflexology can be an extremely effective way of bringing peace and a nurturing quality to the situation. Reflexology is non-intrusive and need not disturb your time together with your loved one. At this time it is especially about the power of touch. The feeling of being held, and feeling safe to be, and safe to let go if it’s the right time. Safe to experience and safe to not experience.

Where I have been able to provide reflexology for the terminally ill, it has given visible peace and relaxation. Where there has been pain, this has reduced, and this has also given close family members comfort in the last few days and hours of life. Each person will be consulted as far as is possible, with sensitivity, as to their requirements. Where this is no longer appropriate, a proxy consent can be signed for each treatment. Reflexology can done on the feet or hands, and may be stopped at any time if indicated.

If you feel this is something you would like for your loved one, please contact me here for a no obligation discussion of your wishes. Treatments take place in your home or the hospice as required. All efforts will be made to tailor treatments to your complete specifications.

Reflexology in Palliative Care £50.00

Concessions available, please contact me to discuss your individual situation.

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