Soya Wax Candles

Soya Wax Candles are prepared with essential oils and with no carcinogenic materials.

NEW Tea-cup and biscuit 125ml Soya Wax Candles with Biscuit/ Macaroon Eraser. Limited edition. Heavenly subtle scents which last up to 35 hours.

125ml Tea-cup candles with Eraser £15.00 

scents :


Gentle lingering scents in simple jars with lids to preserve the scent when not in use. Soya wax melts much more slowly than traditional candle wax, and a small candle can have a total burning time of up to 17 hours.

Bespoke service also available, please get in touch with your ideas.

Each of the following candles has essential oils, herbs and crystals corresponding to the intention of the candle.

Love and Romance: Patchouli and Jasmine essential oils with sage and lavender. Rose quartz crystal beads. Consider gifting this candle to your partner. A perfect Valentine.

Deep Healing: Myrrh and Juniper essential oil with chamomile flowers. Amethyst crystal beads. Perhaps this candle is appropriate for a convalescing friend.

Peace and Blessings: Lavender and frankincense essential oils with lavender. Orange aventurine crystal beads. The perfect gift to a new mum.

Abundance: Cinnamon and pine essential oils with orange peel and oregano. Citrine crystal beads. An ideal candle to gift yourself when making life affirmations.

Success and Positivity: Lemon and peppermint essential oils with basil and cloves. Garnet crystal beads. Inspiring scents to give confidence in business.

Nurture and Protect: Bergamot, lemon and grapefruit essential oils with basil and sage. Black onyx and amethyst crystal beads. A self-love candle when feeling anxiety or in need of psychic protection.

Good Luck: Geranium and Lemon essential oils with cloves and rose petals. Green aventurine crystal beads. A wonderful revision tool and a great gift for a studious colleague.

Care Instructions

To ensure your Soya Wax candles burn evenly all the way down please burn for 4 hours on the first burn until you have a nice wide melt pool. It is recommended you burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time allowing wax to cool and reset before relighting.  Please follow all safety instructions on the product label and retain for future reference.

How to shop for candles

Follow these few steps to heavenly-scented home:

  1. Choose your candles and sizes (or contact me to design your own)
  2. Pay for your chosen candles below
  3. Arrange for collection (Or contact me for delivery options)
  4. Enjoy the lingering subtle aroma for hours and hours

60ml Candles £7.50

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100ml Candles £12.50

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