crystal reflexologyCrystals form over many thousands of years, within our own earth. They vibrate with energy, just as we do.

My experience of crystals has been not only from appreciating their beauty and uniqueness, but also feeling this subtle vibration and allowing it to re-energise me.

By balancing that which may be out of sync, as in the chakra wheels through the body, calming that which is over active and raising up that which is depleted. Each crystal has it’s own properties.

Crystals can be used several ways.

  1. Placed within the room. Simply raising the room vibration in which the session takes place. Examples are yoga classes and workshops, EFT sessions and meditations.
  2. Placed around or on the body. This can be best experienced when lying down in reiki or reflexology sessions. Yoga nidra practise can also be enhanced by crystal placement, especially with chakra crystals.
  3. Using as a tool for treatment. Best examples are reflexology and facial reflexology, where the crystal is used on your skin instead of my fingers and thumbs.
  4. Carrying crystals on your person. Taking crystals with you in daily life may help with emotional issues and confidence, grounding you and helping to facilitate better communication. *Some crystals can also be placed in water to energise the water. After a short time you remove the crystal and drink the elixir, absorbing the positive qualities of the crystal that way.
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    Crystal Grid

    Crystal grids can be made for your own purpose. Choosing crystals specifically for your own purpose by dowsing, using a dowsing crystal, and setting them in a pattern, may assist with issues such as relationship success (business or otherwise) and bringing peace to your home. Intention setting is very powerful.

After your treatment you are very welcome to shop for your own crystals.

At home you can place them in specific areas such as bedroom if the aim is restful sleep, front door and back door for protection, lounge for effective communication and so on.

Crystal therapy cards

Crystal therapy cards

Crystal therapy cards can be used to help you choose.

Whatever you want from your treatment, or if you simply want to come and buy some crystals for yourself or a friend, I can accommodate

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To buy crystals please contact me for an appointment to browse, no obligation to buy.

For a dowsed crystal grid to suit your own life situation, please download the consultation form and pay here.

10 crystal grid: dowsed £40.00 

Confidential Crystal Consultation form

Full grid instructions will be given with your crystals, or you can just display them in a bowl like this.

You can ‘cleanse’ your crystals often to keep them free from dust, by running them under cold water. if you feel like it, take one and pop it in your pocket for a day, observing any changes in yourself such as more calmness, feeling grounded or confident for example. It will be different for each person also dependent on which crystal is chosen.

At full moon you can boost the energy vibration of your crystals by leaving them on a clean windowsill overnight.