Teaching yoga is an honour. To share what I have learned in the last 30+ years within yoga classes, retreats, workshops, and in my apprenticeship and teacher trainings, is part of my life’s path.

Taking part in classes is much more than just turning up, doing what is instructed, and leaving. My tuition enables you to feel what is actually happening as you move your body, so that you can take responsibility for your own yoga practise. After all it is your body, and you know it more than anyone else. When you feel what is going on, when you consciously take your attention to the sensations of the body, you can bring a real softness and grace to your movement. You recognise that each part of you works as a result of the action of another part.

Continued practise may enable this practise to work off the mat as well, so that you begin to understand that you are not your body, not your mind, but that these knockoff rolex daytona mens m116515ln 0017 rolex calibre 7750 mingzhu engine automatic 15mm work together and not only this, but they work so well alongside other people as well. We become more conscious of how our actions affect other people. We can be more careful not to let other people’s actions affect us.

A sense of real awareness, of belonging to the world, of being a part of something bigger than yourself can result from your yoga practise. What you put in, you really do get out. In my yoga teachings, we are not looking for how far we can stretch, how perfect we can make this pose, or that breath. We are constantly watching what is happening, feeling how it is, without judgement or desire. We work to notice this, so that even if we recognise that we want websites something out of it, we invite a letting go of judgement. It is a life’s work.

Yoga practise, whether posture work, breathing awareness, meditation, rest, song, sound or other, is yours alone, nobody else’s. When you come to class and get on your mat, you can invite all other distractions to leave you, including the other participants in class. Being led by a teacher is beautiful, and can invite a deeper awareness and softness to your practise, but I always invite students to take time at home as well, to see how the experience is from your own inner teacher. Your own commitment to practise will only enrich your life.

To experience classes with me please call me for availability and location.