Testimonials for Happy Soles

Testimonials for Happy Soles include various therapies and classes. It’s always lovely to hear positive reviews. If you have one to share, please email it to me at info@happysoles.net so I can let others know.

“It makes me nice and happy…” Jacob, 4 3/4, REFLEXOLOGY FAN (ok, yeah this one was from my son :-))

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the yoga sessions. When I started your sessions at 20 weeks I hadn’t really thought about what sort of birth I wanted. I have found your sessions amazingly useful, both the yoga techniques you have taught us and the information you have given on birth and how I have everything I need to birth my baby well.  This played a big role in my decision to choose Edgware Birth Centre which I feel was the best decision I made. I had what for me was the perfect water birth in a very relaxed environment at Edgware. Throughout labour things you have taught us such as the golden thread breath, visualisation, staying relaxed ob rolex daytona rolex calibre 7750 mingzhu engine mens 116506ibldo hands ice blue dial and releasing the pelvic floor came back to me and were a huge help in giving birth naturally with no need for pain relief besides the water. I will highly recommend your sessions to anyone having a baby in the local area in the hope that they can as much benefit from them as I have.” Jo 20/05/2013 PREGNANCY YOGA

“I just wanted to write a testimonial for Happy Soles. I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes and did them almost until I gave birth – they were a life saver for my back and my well-being in general. The yoga nidra was a great way to tune in to how I wanted to prepare for birthing my baby and the breathing techniques were a really important part of my non-epidural birth. I highly recommend this class – Thank you Caroline! :)” Nancy 01/12/2012 PREGNANCY YOGA AND YOGA NIDRA

Caroline was thoughtful and supportive throughout the sessions. Even when I tried to rush things she ensured that we went at a safe pace so I didn’t become overwhelmed. She is friendly and easy to talk to. She is skilful in building a good rapport and trust and I felt comfortable opening up about painful memories. Caroline took the time to answer any questions I had about the process (such as tearless trauma) and explained things in an easily understood manner. Every session was via Skype which I was a little unsure of at first but I feel it worked really well. Caroline worked hard at ensuring she used my own meaningful phrases for each tapping sequence. She would check that I was ok before the ending of each session and that I drank plenty of water throughout. We worked with shape, texture and colour which seemed strange to me at first but it worked. Caroline worked on several issues with me but the most impressive outcome was working through complicated grief though the tearless trauma. It took a lot of work and patience over many sessions but by the end I could finally talk about my bereavement (from nearly 30 years ago) without being overwhelmed by sadness. It was incredible that the process took such a relatively short time. Blaise Selway 28/11/14 EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES

I started to have reflexology treatment to support with my fertility, I had not had a cycle for 14 months when I started my sessions with the lovely Caroline, the sessions started end of April 2013. I was emotionally drained, hurting and feeling very frustrated from the disappointment of having no cycle for 14 months and having to watch many friends and family having babies around me, something that I so dearly wanted.  Through having Reflexology sessions they enabled me to get to know my body again and trust in it to do what I wanted it too, in regards to restarting my cycle and getting pregnant, it also enabled to RELAX and let go of some of the hurt and frustration that I was feeling. Caroline also supported by advising on strategies and ideas that could also support in between sessions too.  During my sessions with Caroline I also took part in some EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy). This was something very new to me, but a therapy that proved extremely helpful supporting me on my journey, the EFT enabled me to really dig deep, think about and acknowledge what I was feeling in relation to my infertility and also other personal experiences that had had an impact on my emotional wellbeing for many years. During these sessions Caroline made me feel very comfortable and at ease and I was able to ‘tap’ on whatever feeling I wished, it didn’t always have to be your most inner most vulnerable emotional feelings! On the 3rd July 2013 my cycle returned and amazingly on the 4th September 2013 I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant! A truly unbelievable gift, that I still cannot believe has been given to me………. Through having my sessions with Caroline, I truly believe that it helped significantly in helping me to regain my cycles and conceive, this teamed with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind has obviously made all the difference in making my dreams come true. Thank you Caroline for all your kind words and support over the last 4 months, I couldn’t of done it without you! Best Wishes for the Future, Carly x FERTILITY REFLEXOLOGY, EFT AND REIKI

Fab pregnancy yoga !!! At 18weeks pregnant thought I’d try something new, and was recommend to Caroline’s class. My baby was lying back to back and by attending each week with help from Caroline and great advice from new friends gained at the group by 37weeks had managed to give my baby the space he needed to change into a much easier birth position. Also best thing ever was bringing my husband along to partners class where he learnt and gained so much confidence on help to birth our baby. Fantastic choice !! Sarah Hayes (google review) PREGNANCY YOGA

I always look forward to Caroline’s yoga classes, they are soft and gentle on the body so that I scarcely notice as the poses become stronger and more demanding. Caroline teaches with compassion and humour and a deep knowledge of the body and yoga. Definitely worth going if you want a bespoke, body loving class for real people. Kate Codrington (google review) DYNAMIC YOGA

Caroline teaches you so much more than prenatal yoga, she really coaches you through what to expect as well, and can really help prepare your birth partner too. Caroline’s lessons really exceeded all expectations! If you can, try doing vapeshops.it some one to one sessions they are invaluable! Gracie Defries 9/12/15 PRIVATE PREGNANCY YOGA SESSIONS

Another amazing aroma reflex treatment today! I can’t wait to use my special candle made using the essential oils from my treatment! Thank you! This is the treatment for you if you want an indulgent, nurturing, relaxing and amazing smelling treatment. My feet feel so soft! Carrie Sirry 16/03/16 AROMAREFLEX

I love the pregnancy yoga class! Caroline has been fantastic throughout my pregnancy and the yoga has helped me with any aches and pains as well as leaving me calm, relaxed and excited about birth! Caroline is a fountain of knowledge about all things birth and pregnancy related – can’t recommend highly enough! Alisa Franklin 24/09/15 PREGNANCY YOGA

“I first found out about Caroline’s pregnancy yoga course through a friend. I was unsure as to what to expect but thought it was worth a try, as this was my first pregnancy.When I joined the class, Caroline made me feel at ease by explaining how to correctly carry out every yoga movement, how the actions were helping my body and at which stages of pregnancy or labour they could be used.Caroline’s relaxed and calming nature and methods of teaching have helped me feel comfortable and grow in confidence throughout the pregnancy yoga sessions, as well as during my pregnancy. This is due to a better understanding of how my body is changing as my baby grows as well as learning some valuable techniques of how to relieve any aches or built up tension with a variety of yoga moves and positions.The two yoga partner sessions were both educational and enjoyable. Both Steve and I found the practise contractions and various methods of relaxation, breathing techniques and positions extremely beneficial. We have practised a few of these at home and will continue to do so up until our ‘D-day’. Steve felt very comfortable to join in with the yoga positions as well as adding sounds to the movements – this was solely due to the welcoming, friendly and tranquil environment Caroline had created.I cannot thank Caroline enough for the confidence she has given me over the past twelve weeks. I feel as if I have developed an inner strength that I didn’t know I had and cannot wait to have my very own natural birth story.I would highly recommend her pregnancy yoga classes to anyone and cannot wait to join baby yoga in November.Thank you so much!” Gemma Evans 23/08/2012 PREGNANCY YOGA AND PARTNER YOGA LABOUR AND BIRTH WORKSHOPS 

UPDATE “Baby Myla Rose Evans was born at Edgware Birth Centre on 13/11/2012 in perfect circumstances!”

“Giving birth is a completely different type of physical challenge than I am used to. It’s so important to learn the relaxation techniques, breathing & energizing techniques & positions that will help through labour. Caroline’s antenatal yoga class has taught me some invaluable lessons on all fronts. The lessons have also helped me connect with the baby during pregnancy and provided blessed relief from pretty bad pelvic girdle pain. (Pelvic girdle pain which my doctor told me is a normal part of pregnancy, that I shouldn’t complain about and just survive with it till the baby is born!!) I am due any time now and thanks to Caroline’s class I feel so much more prepared for labour & am very excited to meet my little one face to face for the first time. Thank you Caroline!!” Chanika Amarasekera 20/06/2012 PREGNANCY YOGA

“Hi Caroline, sorry I haven’t been in touch. I’ve been a little busy 🙂 Our daughter was born on 8th june weighing 6lb 5oz. I will try to write the birth story soon. The yoga is what got me through the whole thing!” Shelli 22/07/13 PREGNANCY YOGA

“Thank you for all your help enabling me to have the birth I wanted. Your techniques helped keep me calm & get what I wanted!!”  K.K. 02/08/2013 PREGNANCY YOGA