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What is Reflexology? You may have heard people talking about this complementary therapy, but actually are unsure what is reflexology. I will attempt to describe it for you here. Reflexology is a special kind of massage on the feet, hands or face. Points and areas are pressed and gently held or 'finger-walked' to balance and soothe the body. This brings about a deep state of relaxation and encourages homoeostasis. I work with a gentle, but not light, pressure, which can also vary as I move around the feet. Over 7000 nerve endings are in the feet alone. Based on the principle that these nerve endings all come from (and relate to) ...

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

"I had this tightness in my upper arm, like when the blood pressure monitor is too tight. After just one RLD treatment it has really gone! I am amazed" V.R.