Pregnancy yoga

Happy Soles-13partner yoga connect Happy Soles-70 Happy Soles-3Pregnancy yoga encourages strength and flexibility in body and mind. Energy is renewed, as sequences and postures empower you to prepare for the challenges of labour and birth. Breathing techniques will help you to slow down and focus your mind on nurturing yourself and your baby and deep relaxation follows.

Private sessions (one-to-one/ one-to-two) available here

Private partner workshops available here

“I love the pregnancy yoga class! Caroline has been fantastic throughout my pregnancy and the yoga has helped me with any aches and pains as well as leaving me calm, relaxed and excited about birth! Caroline is a fountain of knowledge about all things birth and pregnancy related – can’t recommend highly enough!”

Alisa F. 24/09/15

Partner preg yoga workshopTry our partner pregnancy yoga class, where students and their husbands or birth partner experience some double postures, breathing techniques and birth preparation, with tips for how to help support you as you labour and give birth.

“Thanks Caroline, our session was great and confident with your suggestion I can help my lovely wife and make her pregnancy easy on her.”

Hamed N. 06/08/16

Dads-to-be find it invaluable to actually be involved and have an active supporting role in the birth of their child. Mums-to-be find they feel more secure, supported and therefore relaxed as they labour with the help of their partner.

“The two yoga partner sessions were both educational and enjoyable. Both Steve and I found the practise contractions and various methods of relaxation, breathing techniques and positions extremely beneficial. We have practised a few of these at home and will continue to do so up until our ‘D-day’. Steve felt very comfortable to join in with the yoga positions as well as adding sounds to the movements – this was solely due to the welcoming, friendly and tranquil environment Caroline had created.”

Gemma E. 23/08/12

Caroline teaches you so much more than prenatal yoga, she really coaches you through what to expect as well, and can really help prepare your birth partner too. Caroline’s lessons really exceeded all expectations! If you can, try doing some one to one sessions they are invaluable!

Gracie D. 09/12/15

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