Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage may be for a variety of reasons. Alleviating any aches and pains as the body grows and moves to accommodate the growing baby; enhancing the experience of pregnancy by making time and space to enjoy the process; deep nurturing and relaxation to invite deeper more satisfying sleep; luxurious treat and time away to indulge in something just for you.

Baby also enjoys the massage, and gets to benefit from the feel-good hormones that flow as a result of massage and therapeutic touch. You may find they respond by kicking more or relaxing into a different position as you also relax. Pregnancy massage can enhance the bond you and your baby share, as you both enjoy the experience. Anxieties can be replaced by trust in your body’s ability to carry and birth your baby well. If you are having more than one baby please let me know during the consultation.

Common pregnancy issues can be resolved by regular pregnancy massage such as pelvic pain (hips/ symphisis pubis dysfunction) and shoulder tension to back aches. Nausea can be alleviated. Emotional issues can be supported. Sleep problems can be addressed. It can also help to dissuade post-natal depression, and allow your natural parental instincts to be accessed. It can also help to improve milk flow should you wish to breastfeed after baby is born.

Please note, your midwife should be your first point of call for any medical concerns during pregnancy. If you are a high-risk pregnancy or have previously had a miscarriage, do please consult your midwife or consultant prior to booking the massage, and ask them to make a note in your Pre-natal notes that they have no issues with you receiving massage therapy.

Enjoy the flow of this speciality massage which is adapted for pregnancy using side-lying postures, cushions and raised upper body at different times to access those areas which need therapeutic touch, without discomfort or front lying at all. Your comfort is our aim, and all the support you need can be provided. We adapt the techniques and the positioning during pregnancy massage so that you can relax as deeply as possible.

You may prefer only partial massage to back neck and shoulders, or feet and lower legs. For this service please click here.

To book, please follow these instructions.

  1. Call or text Caroline for a suitable appointment
  2. Fill in and return the Confidential Client Record
  3. Pay for your massage via Paypal or Bank Transfer
  4. Come along and let your cares drift away

Pregnancy Massage (One hour) £40.00

Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage (One hour) £55.00