Benefits of EFT

Relax love heartsEmotional Freedom Techniques are a way to release tensions and blocks within our bodies, on mental, emotional or physical levels. All life events that we experience are part of us. It would be true to say that our life events make us who we are. But what about those experiences we wish hadn’t happened? How does it affect us within and without. Does it define us?

Negative memories or trauma, trapped in our bodies, build up over time. Mostly we would hope to have a mix of lots of good and few not-so-good times, but usually there will be times we think of from a long time ago, even now capable of making us cringe and blush. These situations which we wish had never happened, and make us feel tense when reminded of them, are affecting who we are now. Maybe there are triggers such as a person’s name, or a song. This tension is held deep in our bodies. How can we get over that?

EFT, or emotional freedom techniques provide just that. Emotional freedom.

  • Imagine who I would be if that hadn’t happened to me.
  • How could I have dealt with that situation better?
  • Why didn’t my birth go as planned?
  • Imagine what I could achieve if only I had that confidence.
  • Why don’t I have the motivation I need?
  • I wish I didn’t feel so dissatisfied all the time.
  • How will I ever trust anyone again?
  • I can’t bear to work for that person any more but I can’t leave! I’m trapped!
  • and much more…

It can be uncovered by EFT, revealed and released through tapping, to allow your true self to shine through.

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