Dynamic yoga Intermediate Course

We are currently looking for a venue in Allestree. Please contact me if you know of a large warm room locally

Flowing Dynamic Yoga for those with experience of my teaching style and methods. Using simple posture sequences to build further on your awareness of the subtle movements of the body, we gently invite the body to release tensions yet progressively increase in strength and flexibility.

De-stress, centre yourself and let go during these very effective yoga classes. We will explore various postures and sequences connected with breathing techniques, where you have more freedom to vary your movements to the initial instruction.

Xandranamaskar and Suryanamaskar are further developed and used to invite your practise to be more individual to you, whilst receiving options to remain in apparent stillness and become sensitive to the body.

Practise followed by savasana, or a yoga nidra guided relaxation, to completely relax you and recharge your batteries.

If you feel that a one to one Dynamic Yoga session would be more fruitful than a class setting, you will receive constant supervision and instruction on a personal level.

Your postures will be tailored specifically to your needs and you will be encouraged to practice the sessions in between teachings if appropriate. Click here to find out more.