Dynamic yoga

Marichyasana bFlowing Dynamic Yoga for all abilities. Using simple posture sequences to build on your awareness of the subtle movements of the body, we gently invite the body to release tensions yet progressively increase in strength and flexibility.

De-stress, centre yourself and let go during these very effective yoga classes. We will explore various postures and sequences connected with breathing techniques, followed by savasana, or a yoga nidra guided relaxation, to completely relax you and recharge your batteries.

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IMG_2604Sometimes it can be difficult within class settings to go within yourself and feel the deeply softening effects of your practice on your own body, especially if your class is in a gym with mirrors or there are lots of students. It is very easy to compare yourself with other people, see how you differ from their posture or how far they can or cannot go, and then judge yourself based on your perceptions. In this case you may benefit more from a one to one personalised lesson.

If you feel that a one to one Dynamic Yoga session would be more fruitful than a class setting, you will receive constant supervision and instruction on a personal level. Your postures will be tailored specifically to your needs and you will be encouraged to practice the sessions in between teachings if appropriate. Click here to find out more.