Dynamic Yoga Beginners Course

Dynamic Yoga beginners course – Mondays 6.15-7.15pm at Maxwell Park Community Centre WD6 1JJ

Dynamic Yoga beginners course – Thursdays 6.15-7.15pm at Maxwell Park Community Centre WD6 1JJ


If you’ve ever thought of doing yoga, but are nervous about going to an established group class, don’t worry. This beginners course will find you amongst people just like yourself, who are new to yoga, or new to this type of yoga. We all start from the same point.

Dynamic Yoga is based on sensitivity to the body rather than on ambition, flexibility or strength. This means that, even though it emphasises movement, it is accessible and beneficial to anyone who can walk upstairs, regardless of experience, age or mobility.

Its main focus is to sensitise the joints and optimise the muscles while focusing the mind. Progressive repetitions of rhythmic movements, based on traditional yoga postures, prepares both body and mind to  come to deep, quiet stillness.

Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga

The tuition you receive in each six week Dynamic Yoga beginners course will systematically and progressively sensitise your joints, so that you can protect them in all yoga postures.  While doing so it will optimise and integrate your motor and structural muscles. This enables your body to function on and off the mat with a more efficient integrity. At the same time it will allow your mind to learn to relax into the wisdom of your body, so that it becomes more quiet and clear.

Next Mondays beginners course is running from Monday 16th April to Monday 21st May 2018 inclusive.

Next Thursdays beginners course is running from Thursday 19th April to Thursday 24th May 2018 inclusive.

You can make up a class on another day during the same course, if you miss one, at no further cost.

If this is your first time with me, please also download and complete this Dynamic yoga registration form and return it to me before the course.

Limited spaces. Book here…

Six classes (one per week) £70.00

Please specify in an email which day you will be primarily booking on to.

Twelve classes (two per week) £120.00

DIRECT DEBIT options available

*with your first six week booking