Chemical chains are different in each oil

We all know the power of fragrance. Aromatherapy can be evocative, bringing up memories of happy times, and even changing your mood to a more pleasant aspect. Did you know that essential oils can also have extremely therapeutic effects? In fact, aromatherapy can be so powerful it can aid bodily functions. Depending on the chosen oil or oils, the effects can:

  1. improve breathing problems
  2. relieve stress and anxiety
  3. stimulate the blood circulation
  4. alleviate pre-menstrual or menopausal symptoms
  5. calm digestive issues
  6. reduce pain
  7. help sleep disturbances
  8. support labour and birth
  9. soothe skin irritations

Obviously this list is not exhaustive…

Eucalyptus can be very powerful

Because pure essential oils are so potent, it is important to recognise that aromatherapy can also cause problems if they are used without thoroughly trained guidance. For example, some oils are not to be used with children under 10, and some are to be avoided completely as they may affect the central nervous system and cause breathing difficulties in babies and children under 2 years of age (specifically eucalyptus comes to mind, but others also need cautions).

Rose can be pleasant for some, but others dislike it

My bespoke aromatherapy sessions will allow you to rest assured that I am currently training in ITEC level 3 Aromatherapy, my tutor being a senior advisor

in the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

Mandarin and other citrus oils can be very uplifting

A full and thorough consultation is taken before any oils are tried, and you will be able to choose from a suitable selection.

You can apply to be a case study with me for either massage application or products (such as room spray, inhaler, hand cream or bath oil) between now and the 15th March 2019. Please contact me in the first instance to check eligibility. If you’ve been a case study with me before, please allow someone else the chance. As I am in training there is a donation price which is 50% reduced from the cost of a full body massage. I am a fully qualified ITEC level 3 massage therapist.

Case studies may receive a 20% discount on aromatherapy massage after qualification.

Aromatherapy Massage (trainee Aromatherapy donation) £20.00

Aromatherapy Products (trainee materials donation) £3.00