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My aim is to treat clients holistically. This means I treat the whole person, not the symptoms. As you relax, the body begins the process of self healing. Based in Borehamwood, I am a mobile therapist in an ideal position for clients in Hertfordshire, North London and parts of Essex. 
Just one holistic treatment can alleviate stress and tension, whereas regular treatments can help the body to learn to relax by itself, reducing anxiety in stressful situations, leaving you better able to cope with pressures on a day to day basis.
Whether you have had a bad week at work, are going through a stressful time, or simply need a bit of pampering, you can relax knowing that your treatment can take place in your own home.
Therapy treatments can take place no fewer than three days apart, although I would recommend that sessions are booked once every one to two weeks for maximum benefit and faster results.
For home bookings there should be a suitably quiet place for the treatment, big enough for a recliner chair and a therapists chair. Or you may prefer to lie comfortably on the sofa for your treatment but please provide cushions for me to sit on the floor. I will bring all other necessary equipment.
For corporate bookings please have a quiet room available for your employees to relax. After the treatment you can continue your day, or evening, un-disturbed and more relaxed in familiar surroundings. I am also able to accept clients at my garden treatment room, if this is more acceptable for you.

Reiki: Working gently with your body's energy, and channelling subtle healing energy into your body to balance and totally relax you. This therapy will begin to, or continue to, open and heal the body's energy blockages. This spiritual practice will completely relax and refresh you.

Reflexology: Working on the feet, hands or face, reflex points are stimulated to balance and soothe the body, bringing about a deep state of relaxation and encouraging homeostasis naturally.

Fertility reflexology: Having taken further training in the fertility field, I am prepared to help you take control of your own fertility. I aim to relax you and support you in your journey to parenthood. Assistance with fertility charting is included.

Maternity reflexology: A post-graduate diploma in reflexology especially for expectant mums gives me a deeper insight into the specific needs of pregnancy, and ensures I will not stimulate any reflexes which are unsuitable for Mum-to-be at this special time. Post-natal treatments can be carried out with or without your baby present. If you require reflexology during labour please contact me to discuss this.

Reflexology for babies: Using techniques specially adapted for little feet, this can be a great way to calm your baby through touch, especially helping little ones to come through common baby complaints such as colic, digestive problems and restless sleep. I am happy to add a small treatment on to the end of one for yourself, or to treat your baby separately. 

Crystal reflexology/ reiki with colour visualisation: Enhancing your reflexology or reiki therapy with crystals, chosen to support you at the time of the treatment, and with colour visualisation is a wonderful way to encourage energy flow throughout the body, increasing your relaxation and raising your own unique positive vibration.

Indian Head Massage: The perfect treatment for at your desk, to stimulate or relax, and encourage healing. Massaging upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp to alleviate tension and improve concentration, this ancient therapy is a blissful treat.

Hand reflexology: A full reflexology treatment performed on the hands. Great for if your feet are not currently suitable for the traditional method, or if you just prefer your feet are not touched.

Hot Stone reflexology: A more luxurious variation on my usual reflexology, using hot stones over the feet, under the feet and to perform some techniques, to deepen the effect and induce deep relaxation. Highly recommended for increased heat, a little extra bliss in the treatment!

Ear Candling Therapy: Using traditional Hopi™ easrcandles by Biosun, warm air is circulated in the ear. The movement of the flame coupled with the chimney effect creates a vibration of air. The warm air gently melts hardened wax, which may then exit the ear in it's natural way. It is soothing, balancing and beneficial for earache, sinus problems, headaches and stress. 

Coming soon: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): 
 helps to dissolve past negative experiences and emotions, through tapping on specific areas of the body. Stress and anxiety is decreased and old behaviour patterns can be released! 

Home-made products:

Herbal eye pillows - made to order. Choose your colour and discuss your preferred scents, or answer some simple questions and I will create your perfect blend. 

Herbal eye pillows  Black shimmer sinus clearing & gold swirl pregnancy herbal eye pillows

Crystal reiki enhanced 'Podpora' - Cushions infused with Reiki energy, with handmade slip covers, containing real crystal to enhance your reiki experience. Choice of fabrics and colours. Duck feather or polyester fillings available. Cushions various sizes. Also made to order.
Podpora Tarot crystals       

Reiki chakra 'Podpora' - Limited edition cushions made with designer fabric specially shipped from America.

Specialist courses:

Reflexology for Babies: A four week course designed for you to learn techniques to calm and soothe your baby or young child, helping them (and you) to relax and deal with common issues such as colic, teething, sleeping and digestive issues. Reflexology does in no way replace conventional medical advice, which should always be sought if you are concerned about your babies health. It creates a space for you to be one to one with your child and connect/ tune in deeply. 
This course is for personal use only and does not lead to any qualification, or licence you to perform reflexology on anyone. 

Next Baby Reflexology Course: Fridays 20th, 27th November, 4th 11th December 2015 11am-12pm 2 SPACES LEFT

Pregnancy Yoga: Yoga during pregnancy will encourage strength and flexibility in body and mind. Energy is renewed, as sequences and postures empower you to prepare for the challenges of labour and birth. Breathing techniques will help you to slow down and focus your mind on nurturing yourself and your baby. Deep relaxation follows...
Courses run for five or six weeks (depending how the dates fall). Drop in is also available if space allows. 
Thursdays 7.15pm to 8.45pm ~ Maxwell Park Community Centre, Maxwell Road, Borehamwood WD6 1JJ ~
Classes for up to twelve ladies. Please see page on Pregnancy Yoga for booking , or call Caroline on 07876 254306 for more information. Pre-booking essential.
Every 'course' contains one partner pregnancy yoga class, where students can bring their husbands or birth partners to experience some double postures, breathing techniques and birth preparation, with tips for how to help support you as you labour and give birth. Pleas contact me if you are NOT a current student but would like to attend a one off partner class as a workshop. 

Also available private pregnancy yoga classes. Please contact me for more details.

Dynamic Yoga for All Abilities: Flowing Yoga class in Borehamwood for all abilities. Come along and de-stress, centre yourself and let go of tensions during this very effective yoga class. Each week we will explore various postures and sequences connected with breathing techniques, followed by a yoga nidra guided relaxation to completely relax you and recharge your batteries for the week ahead.
Drop-in available but special rates for pre-booked classes.
Classes run every Monday evening 7.30pm to 9.00pm at Maxwell Park Community Centre (No classes on Bank Holidays) 

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