Reflexology in labour and birth

Using reflexology in labour and birth support is a wonderful way to help you relax and allow the fundus to build as your cervix opens through contractions. It is this fundus which creates the power for your baby’s birth from your body.

“The key to a good birth is relaxation.” Ina May Gaskin, world renowned midwife and author.

As you enter the most physically and mentally challenging time of your pregnancy, the labour and birth of your baby, you may realise you want to take additional support in to the birthing room with you. Reflexology can be done at any time in-between contractions, to help keep you relaxed and focussed as you labour. Certain acupressure points may be stimulated to encourage energy flow, having a positive effect on your body and mind. This can also speed up the labour as the contractions are much more effective within a relaxed body.

During your labour it is important that you get the most support at the time you need it, so I remain flexible and within the room should you request reflexology. It doesn’t have to be on the feet, it can be also done on the hands, even as your contractions build. Only you will know, and only at that point (though it may change throughout your labour) whether you want to be touched or not, by me or anyone else, and your wishes will be completely respected.

If you plan to labour (and even birth your baby) at home, I would be pleased to attend. If you plan to move on to birth your baby in hospital or a birthing centre, and you want to continue reflexology, then it is best to forewarn your birth care team, and write it in your birth plan, so there is no chance of a problem with me being in the labour room. Of course you may decide you only wish to have reflexology in the first stages of labour, in your home, and that is also an option. I am also happy to include yoga support during these sessions, provided you have been attending my classes regularly.

Follow these few steps to relaxing birth support:

  1. Contact me to discuss your situation
  2. Fill in and return the consultation form
  3. Pay for your chosen package
  4. Look forward to your birth

Reflexology in labour and birth (home) £40.00 (up to one hour)

Reflexology and Yoga support in labour and birth (home) £120.00 (up to three hours)

Reflexology and Yoga support in labour and birth (home) £200.00 (up to five hours)

Additional hours £40.00 each

Hospital or Birth Centre visit additional cost (parking and travel) £50.00

If travel and parking is less cost or does not occur, you will be refunded within 30 days.

Download your Labour and Birth Support consultation form here: Happy Soles Reflexology for Labour and Birth Consultation form

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