Corporate Reflexology Sessions

Hand reflexology

Hand reflexology

Corporate reflexology sessions really benefit your business. Staff take the time for a short break, in a convenient side room within the building or even at their desk, and the results can be measurable. Allow your employees to feel how valuable they are to your business by providing this ‘in-house’ therapy to de-stress and revitalise them.

Your reflexology treatments are approximately half an hour per person at £20.00 per each half hour. You can pay this on behalf of your employees, or ask them for a contribution. 1st session runs approx 9.00-12.00, second session runs 12.30-2.30. This covers for ten employees over the whole day. If you have less, you can consider just a morning (minimum six employees – £120.00) or an afternoon (minimum four employees – £80.00).

Times can be negotiable for early or late shifts, with notice. For many employees, you may wish to consider employing two or more reflexologists, and I would be pleased to arrange this. Employees who prefer not to have their feet touched can opt for hand reflexology, reiki or Indian head massage. All equipment is provided and all therapists have full insurance.

Follow these few steps to treat your employees, and get better results at work:

  1. Check your chosen session/ day is free by contacting me on 07876254306.
  2. Make a bank payment for the correct amount as calculated above.
  3. Email me at with employee initials/ location required.
  4. Look forward to happy, content, valued employees.

Consultation forms can be sent out beforehand and must be returned to ensure there are no contraindications, and that medical history can be taken into account.


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