Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra after Dynamic Yoga

Yoga Nidra is loosely translated as ‘Yoga-Sleep; since yoga means union of the body-mind, therefore ‘union of the body and mind in a deeply relaxed state’. The practise is quite simple. Lying down or sitting supported, so that you can totally relax, all you need to do is listen and feel. It is a different technique to a meditation, and it is not a trance. You are very safe. You may fall asleep, and although this is not the aim, it can be what is needed for you so don’t worry too much.

The practice of yoga and deep relaxation has been found to reduce anxieties and stresses. It can have a profound effect on your tension levels when practised regularly. I would personally suggest daily practise if this is accessible to you. Most of my students practise once or twice a week.jf rolex datejust rolex calibre 2836 2813 116234blro mens automatic blue dial

It is usual, but not essential, for a ‘san kalpa’ or resolution to be made. It is a private affirmation stated in the present tense, in your own words. It is only for you, and only repeated mentally during this practise. Suggestions might be ‘I am a calm and confident mother’, ‘I am strong and healthy’, ‘Doors of opportunity now open for my success’. Once decided, it is not changed until it has come to fruition. We use the same words and the same emphasis and feeling, each time. In Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy, we suggest the affirmation “I have everything I need to birth my baby well.” It is mentally repeated both at the start and end of the practise. You will be guided as to when.

Pregnancy Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy

Different techniques can used, including sensations, breathing, visualisations and journeys. But there is no effort, just relaxation. Deep relaxation.

It is said that an hour spent in a yoga nidra practise is equivalent to four hours rest for the body-mind.yves saint laurent fashion handbags 582560

Suitable for anyone, this deeply rejuvenating technique is taught in yoga classes, individually, in groups and workshops, or as mp3 downloads for home practise.

Half hour Yoga Nidra sessions can now be facilitated for you on a 1-1 basis in my garden cabin in Allestree, or via zoom.  To book, please contact me for availability.

Yoga Nidra 1-1 session £25.00

I have prepared some simple guided yoga nidras in mp3 format for sale. Once purchased, they will be delivered by email.

Yoga Nidra Short Practise (17 min) £4.00

Yoga Nidra floating body (26 min) £5.00

Yoga Nidra forest hut (33 min) £5.00

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy (26 min) £5.00

Yoga Nidra Triangle Breathing (36 min) £5.00

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