Vibrant treeReiki can be described as the directing of healing energy into oneself or another, including animals and plants. As I lay my hands on or above your body I can feel heat from the reiki energy. You may also experience this. The healing energy passes directly to where you, as an individual, need it.

Reiki will allow you to begin to heal whatever comes up in a treatment, whether this be a mental, physical or emotional symptom. It is through this deeply relaxed state that you will begin to respond.

Regular sessions aim to balance you and leave you feeling more grounded. You may feel less stressed, and more emotionally stable.

Reiki is so gentle that it can be taken by anyone, from babies to the elderly and any age in-between. It is useful to balance you and de-stress at the end of a long week. It can be used to take time for yourself and begin healing from emotional issues.

Reiki can be combined with a massage treatment to deepen the effect. Using swedish massage to invite your muscles to soften and let go, reiki is then applied in a hands-on method as I work around your body. A reiki-massage session can be very useful in the evening or at the weekend, when you do not have anything strenuous to do afterwards. If you are having periods of intense stress or anxiety, this treatment could be the ultimate release. Treatment time is 1.5 hours.

Crystals may also be used to enhance the feel of the reiki energy. Crystals vibrate on their own frequency, and each crystal is different. They also absorb and carry energy. Corresponging chakra crystals are placed along the body. You choose an additional 3 crystals, and during the reiki session your chosen crystals will carry some of the energy I send.

Your crystals are either chosen by yourself or dowsed by me. You will be able to take your crystals home with you to continue the healing effects.

Reiki can also be used as an adjoining complementary therapy whilst receiving reflexology or Indian head massage for example. Please contact me for a price on joining two therapies.

You will remain fully clothed and covered in a blanket.

Follow these few steps to releasing tension:

  1. Pay for your session(s)
  2. Contact me to arrange your ideal time
  3. Fill in and return the Confidential Client Record
  4. Look forward to feeling balanced and calm

Reiki 1 hour £40.00

Reiki x 4 sessions £150.00

Crystal reiki 1 hour £45.00

Reiki-massage 90 minutes £65.00

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