Reflexology for Baby Loss or Miscarriage

IMG_2930Having reflexology for baby loss or miscarriage can offer you a comfort in your time of grief. Sometimes, through reasons we may not understand, some of us will miscarry a pregnancy at some point in our lives.

It can be an extremely difficult time, coming to terms with feelings about the baby we barely knew. Sadly there may also be times when we have had to say goodbye to our baby or child of any age. The loss is physical as well as emotional.

Reflexology may support us through the grieving process and may help us to come to terms with a situation through the receiving of non-invasive, non-judgemental, power of touch. Time for yourself to process your thoughts and feelings. Time for you to let go and not think at all.

During the treatment you may wish to talk about your experience, or you may wish to be silent. Your treatment time is exactly that. Yours. Whatever you need to take from it is your decision.

This soothing treatment is also available for fathers.

During your consultation we will discuss any issues you are experiencing, and what you expect, before beginning your relaxing reflexology treatment.

Follow these steps to take some comforting time out

  1. Pay for your chosen session(s)
  2. Contact me to book a convenient time
  3. Download and fill in the consultation form
  4. Look forward to your soothing, nurturing experience

Reflexology for baby loss or miscarriage £40.00

Download your consultation form here: Confidential Client Record

Please be aware that a reflexologist does not in any way replace advice given by your healthcare provider, and I am happy to work alongside their care, but please notify them that you will be receiving reflexology.

If you have any questions please call me on 0208 207 2280 or 07876 254306. If you wish, you can leave your details in the ‘contact us’ section of this website, and I will call you back as soon as I can.

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