Rebozo techniques

rebozo hammock supportRebozo techniques can be used during pregnancy, labour, birth, the post-natal period, during menstruation, and in fact at any time you need comfort. A special way of supporting a you during your pregnancy, labour and birth is to use the rebozo shawl with different techniques to relieve discomforts and aid labour.

Rebozo is a traditional Mexican cloth worn in various ways, as shade from the sun, or as an accessory. It can also be used to relieve pregnancy discomforts, give support, and bring a feeling of nurture to the body as it is wrapped closely.

In our partner pregnancy yoga for labour and birth class we use several of the pregnancy techniques using both traditional rebozo, and long, wide scarves. A large sarong will also be appropriate in pregnancy, if it is strong. Floaty scarves or sarongs will not work well at all.

Rebozo is very useful post-pregnancy, both to carry the baby close (in the fourth trimester) and for ‘closing the bones’ after birth.

rebozo wrapped headAfter the birth I highly recommend at least one post-natal reflexology or massage session with a ‘closing the bones’ wrap to help heal the body and aid recovery after the pressure of labour and birth.

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