Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone ReflexologyAs you would expect, hot stone reflexology utilises the stones to bring warmth and a touch of luxury to your reflexology treatment. Stones are pre-warmed in my special hot stones bag, and the larger ones are placed behind your knees and ankles, smaller ones placed between the toes as I carry out your truly relaxing reflexology with medium sized stones. If you’re really feeling the chill, stones may be wrapped and placed behind the shoulders to help you relax.

This type of reflexology is perfect as a gift to a loved one who you have no idea what to buy for, or as a gift to yourself when you have been on your feet all week and need some extreme comfort and tlc. The stones are also used to massage the lower leg muscles at regular intervals, so make sure your trousers can roll up to the knees, or be prepared to remove them for the duration of the treatment. You will of course be covered by my cosy blanket.

You may also wish to combine your hot stone reflexology with AromaReflex, which uses pure fragrances chosen from eighteen essential oils, mixed into your treatment wax, to whisk you away to total bliss and therapeutic relaxation. This treatment takes an extra 15 minutes longer.

Treatments take place in the cosy Lodge.

Follow these few steps to warming, therapeutic indulgence:

  1. Pay for your chosen treatment
  2. Contact me to arrange your ideal time
  3. Fill in and return the consultation form
  4. Look forward to your treatment

Hot Stone Reflexology £50.00

AromaReflex with Hot Stones £65.00

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