Foot Massage Workshop

IMG_9461If you’re looking for some ideas to pamper your partner, book this foot massage workshop with them and learn great techniques to really revive sore, tired and aching feet. They can learn alongside you, thereby making it more likely your pamper session will be reciprocated.

Imagine your partner could just massage your feet properly at the end of a long day. If you get a ‘half-hearted’ foot rub (if it can be even called that!) and wish they knew how to ease your aching feet & legs, and help you unwind?

Do you often massage your partner’s feet but get stuck on the same old moves? There are plenty of different ways to ease tensions in the feet and legs. I teach all my techniques and more in this two hour session.

A foot massage is also a great way to show you appreciate each other. It can help with relaxation and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Sometimes giving a foot massage to your children can help with bonding and having fun together, or calming down a child who is excitable.

The power of touch is incredible, and cannot be underestimated.

Alternatively work with a friend, sister, mother, daughter or son; anyone who would also love to learn lots of different feel-good-feet massage techniques

This practical foot massage workshop lasts 2 hours, and there is plenty of time to give and receive, as well as learn different ways to unwind and relax using different pressures, techniques and manipulations of the feet and ankles.

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My workshop covers many different foot massage techniques, giving you fresh inspiration, cool ‘feel-good’ secrets complete with hand-outs in an A5 binder to refer back to.

Workshops are for a maximum of three couples working in pairs.

Venue can be a hired space or your home or garden. For one couple this can take place in the lodge therapy room.

Price is for two people.

Also available as a gift voucher, please contact me for details.

Follow these few steps to increased relaxation and harmony:

  1. Pay for your workshop
  2. Download and fill in the booking form below and return it to me
  3. Contact me to choose your preferred workshop date
  4. Enjoy being pampered and pampering your partner.

Foot massage workshop £80.00 per couple

Foot Massage Consultation

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