EFT (emotional freedom techniques)

EFT meridian tapping pointsImagine having a personalised toolbox for dealing with stressful situations at the touch of your finger… well you have! I will show you how to overcome issues you are experiencing or have experienced, or even are yet afraid to experience. The world of ‘tapping’ is at your fingertips.

Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques consists of tapping on your face and upper body whilst repeating parts of a previously coined ‘set-up’ statement. Tapping points are pre-set and tapped in a specific order, to stimulate the meridians and allow the issue to be released or challenged, depending on what it is that’s bothering you right now.

Examples include anxiety and panic attacks, whether the cause is known or not; fears and phobias; guilt; past traumatic events; anger outbursts; grief; addictions and destructive relationships. This list is not exhaustive.

Any issues which could be stopping you from being fully who you are, or preventing you from moving forward in your life, can be addressed in a gentle way, even releasing trapped emotions without mentioning the cause at all. See some examples here.

Using a qualified practitioner to facilitate your sessions will help to keep you on track as you maybe uncover further blocks you had forgotten about. You are in a safe space to let go of things which don’t serve you, so you can move on gently and at a pace to suit yourself.

Sessions typically last one to one and a half hours, and may be taken as weekly sessions or ad hoc, as required. I am happy to work in person where permitted, or via skype/ zoom.

Follow these few steps to stress release:

  1. Pay for your session(s)
  2. Contact me to arrange your ideal time
  3. Fill in and return the consultation form
  4. Look forward to a more empowered life

EFT Session £65.00

EFT Session x 3 £175.00

Download your EFT consultation form here: Happy Soles EFT Questionnaire

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