Baby reflexology course

Baby ReflexologyMy Baby Reflexology Course is aimed at parents, carers and nannies. It teaches reflexology routines especially tailored for little feet. The course also expands into longer treatments for when the babies are grown into children. Hand reflexology techniques are included, and designed to be short and fun for when your baby is toddling around fast, and there’s no time for the feet!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your little one to feel calm and relaxed, ease discomfort during illness, and gently persuade them to sleep, all by “playing” with their feet? Just like a game of ’round and round the garden’ in their eyes, but our special secret is that by using our knowledge of reflexology we can tailor the ‘game’ to be most beneficial to them.

IMG_6305My four-week baby reflexology course is designed for you to learn techniques in more depth to calm and soothe your baby or young child, helping them (and you) to relax and deal with common issues such as colic, teething, sleeping and digestive issues. 

*Reflexology does in no way replace conventional medical advice, which should always be sought if you are concerned about your babies health.*baby reflexology group

Reflexology creates a space for you to be one to one with your child and connect/ tune in deeply. This course is for personal use only and does not lead to any qualification,or licence you to perform reflexology on anyone.

Reflexology can be used in any situation, in public or private. The baby/ child remains clothed. Although socks are better removed I have worked through them before now. You can use a tiny amount of balm or cream on your babies feet if you prefer, although babies feet are so soft we really don’t need to use anything at all as a medium.

Reflexology for BabiesReflexology can accompany music from nursery rhymes to more modern songs, or can be done in silence. The main thing is to do it regularly and try to build it into your (maybe loose) routine.

I have been doing baby reflexology on my daughter since she was six weeks old, twice a day before naps and now I only manage five or so minutes of reflexology on her before she is fast asleep. This from her sitting in bed exclaiming “I am not going to close my eyes, I am not tired!”.

My sons are older still, but love having a reflexology treatment. The material in the free binder that I give you can also be developed for you to support older children through stressful times, such as exams, or as a way to maintain bonding as they become teenagers.

Classes are 45 minutes long and run over four weeks with maximum six participants and their babies. Handouts are provided in an A5 binder.

NEXT COURSE PLANNED FOR MAY 5th, 12th 19th and 26th 2017 at 11.30 TO 12.15 MAXWELL PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE, WD6 1JJ

Follow these few steps to empowering knowledge:

  1. Contact me to register on the waiting list for the next course
  2. Pay for your course
  3. Fill in and return the consultation form
  4. Look forward to your classes

Baby Reflexology Course £60.00

Download your registration form here: Baby Reflexology Consultation Form

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