The Lodge Therapy Room

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220678_199106443459269_7157558_oIMG_7666The Lodge therapy room is a large wooden cabin, made from imported polish wood. Imagine a beautiful, natural wooden house, simply decorated with subtle touches of luxury.

Seemingly in nature but in a suburban garden, The Lodge provides a convenient space for relaxation and de-stressing. With it’s own wood burner to gently heat the room in the cooler months, and soft lighting, it is the perfect place for yoga and other therapies to take place.

Some workshops are able to take place here, although there are no toilet facilities at the Lodge and so it isn’t suitable for the baby workshops at present.


Private pregnancy yoga classes


Porch door of The Lodge Therapy Room

The Lodge provides yoga space for up to six mats. It is also an ideal place away from home for private one-to-one yoga instruction, and a quiet, peaceful area to receive your chosen treatments.

The Lodge is set back from houses and invites total relaxation. It is place to let go of things which don’t serve you well, you  can unwind, recuperate and allow your healing to begin.

The Lodge Therapy Room can also be hired out to small groups for workshops. As there is no allocated parking nearby, it is recommended that you park in the Civic Centre car park, which is approximately 5 minutes walk away. There is space for one car on the driveway and one on the grass. Please be very considerate of our neighbours and, if parking on the roadside, remember even two wheels on the pavement can be a hindrance to wheelchair users or people with buggies and prams.

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