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Baby reflexology course

Wouldn't it be great if you could help your little one to feel calm and relaxed, ease discomfort during illness, and gently persuade them to sleep, all by "playing" with their feet?

Hand reflexology

Hand reflexology is decadent treatment for the hands. Book yourself or a friend this blissful hand treatment, and feel all your stresses melting away with the relaxing power of reflexology. There is something very special about treating the hands; it becomes a more intimate, supportive treatment. Hand reflexology takes care of the hands, gently easing away tensions whilst moisturising dry or cracked skin. There may be times when it's inappropriate to have a foot treatment. Maybe you feel too ticklish? (You may be surprised that your feet are not so ticklish with reflexology). Perhaps you have a fungal infection on the feet, or a verruca? (If you're ...