Self-Practise Sessions

Self-practise dynamic yoga sessions during term-time to keep you motivated and support your own commitment to your dynamic yoga practise.

Thursdays from 11.00-12.00pm including savasana, at The Lodge, Borehamwood.

If you’ve been to my Beginners courseMonday evening or Thursday morning classes and know a little of what I am about (and I you) then you are welcome to come to these supported self-practise sessions with me.

Self Practise in the LodgeTime is spent on deepening our practise of Xandravinyasa, Suryavinasa, Xandranamaskar and Suryanamaskar, the basic sequences of postures where we apply the seven universal actions of broadenings and lengthenings. It is essential that you have experienced my (or another dynamic yoga teacher trained by Godfrey Devereux) classes either in group classes or private classes, before you can join these self-practise sessions.

Practise is in the Lodge at the bottom of my garden so please arrive at least ten minutes early as we will be walking down promptly at 10.55pm. There is space for five mats. I do have a few to borrow but you would be much better advised to buy and bring your own.

By attending supported self-practise sessions it is assumed that you understand the basic sequence and actions. You may be supported by reminder prompts if necessary. You will soon confidently move through the sequences whilst enquiring deeply into the changing sensations, feelings, positions of and relationships between the parts within your body. Practise is a lot less verbal than in regular classes, if not silent. You are, as always, free to move within the rhythm of your own breathing.

At the end of our practise we take our savasana in silence. This allows the intelligence of our bodies to determine which parts need to relax first. Everyone is free to take as much savasana as they need, although there is a small chime at 12.00pm. You are free to leave anytime before that if you feel your savasana is complete, without disturbing the others lying quietly nearby.

This is a FREE session, but donations are welcome for 2econdary 1st breast cancer charity

To book please email me in the first instance to ensure we have space on

Subsequent bookings can be made by text on 07876 254306