Hand reflexology

Hand reflexologyHand reflexology is decadent treatment for the hands. Book yourself or a friend this blissful hand treatment, and feel all your stresses melting away with the relaxing power of reflexology. There is something very special about treating the hands; it becomes a more intimate, supportive treatment. Hand reflexology takes care of the hands, gently easing away tensions whilst moisturising dry or cracked skin.

There may be times when it’s inappropriate to have a foot treatment. Maybe you feel too ticklish? (You may be surprised that your feet are not so ticklish with reflexology). Perhaps you have a fungal infection on the feet, or a verruca? (If you’re struggling to get rid of these I can offer some natural suggestions). Whatever your reason, reflexology on the hands is a wonderful alternative to your regular feet session.

Using an olive oil and beeswax mix or shea butter and vitamin E oil (unscented or with essential oils) to soften the hands as I work, you can relax and enjoy the treatment just as you would if I was working on the feet. You can be sat at a table or reclined in a chair, or lying down on the massage couch in the lodge. After your reflexology you will receive a complementary pair of cotton gloves to maintain the moisturising benefits as long as possible, whilst allowing you to go about your day.

Follow these few steps to relaxation and soft hands:

  1. Pay for your chosen treatment
  2. Contact me to arrange your ideal time
  3. Fill in and return the consultation form
  4. Look forward to your treatment

You can combine any reflexology session with EFT  and receive a 20% discount overall.

Hand reflexology £40.00

Hand reflexology with Aromareflex £50.00

Hand reflexology with EFT £84.00

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