Doing yoga

So, you might ask what does ‘doing yoga’ consist of? What do we actually do within a class? As a beginner, will I be able to ‘do it’ at all? Perhaps you have been to many yoga classes, or done many home videos. Why is dynamic yoga any different?

In dynamic yoga we use repetitive actions to awaken the deep sensitivity within the body; to be open to sensation as it happens and to lengthen and broaden the body, creating space and openness within the bodymind. There shouldn’t be any expectations, although flexibility and strength often occur as a natural by-product of this nourishing practise, when practised regularly.

Slowing down, and using breath and movement, to feel the impact of our actions on the body awakens a deep intimacy within yourself. As an example to the curious, I have recorded my self practise. You should know that when I am ‘doing yoga’ here, in this video, I am not instructing you or anyone else. My practise is not open to criticism. It is my practise alone. Same as yours will be yours and nobody else’s. I make mistakes… I get my left and right mixed up sometimes… this is life. It’s recorded at double speed, so prepare to slow down in class.. and also to get quite warm as the body keeps moving, so wear layered clothing to practise.

If you feel like knowing what softness and generosity you can honour yourself with, and you are wondering about what happens in a yoga class, how it feels to be ‘doing yoga’, then arrange your private classes here. Nourishing workshops can also be arranged at different times throughout the year.

Meanwhile, for a sneak peak…

This is just one small element of practise. But it really is this simple. Do, and feel. Human doing yoga… human being yoga.

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