Adapted pregnancy sun salutation

Adapted pregnancy sun salutation is a lovely way to give a good stretch to the whole body and create space for yourself to breathe deeply.

In pregnancy yoga we adapt postures to suit. We do not overstretch as this can cause weakness after birth, due to the amount of the hormone ‘relaxin’ during pregnancy, making us think we can stretch further than necessary. Stay within your limits and be gentle. Downward dog is not for everyone, feel free to miss it out completely if you want to.

Afterwards, please lie on your left side with a bolster supporting your right leg, and a cushion under your head, and rest for at least 5 minutes, focussing on your exhalation as a complete release and your inhalation as an organic response to your body’s need for oxygen. Bring your mind to your baby and imagine them in your womb, imagining their features, where the arms and legs lie and noticing their movements, if any. Bring your attention back to your breath after a while, and slowly sit upright when you’re ready.

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